In the event that you get your own server, you will see that server administration differs from shared Internet hosting account administration. The reason is that shared accounts are made on physical hosting servers, which are handled by the host company, while in the event that you have a hosting server of your own, the server administration tasks will be your job. These include software installation procedures and updates, supervising and rebooting procedures, etcetera., so in case you do not have a lot of experience or you cannot spend lots of time on this type of tasks, you should use the administration services we offer with our server packages. These include a large number of server administration tasks that our system administrators and tech support shall take care of, to help you concentrate on creating and developing your web sites or on running advertising and marketing campaigns to bring in more potential clients.
Administration Services in Dedicated Servers
The additional services are available to all of our clients anytime, whatever the particular dedicated server plan, so if you get a machine from our company, our system admins will help you with a wide range of things. For a start, they shall make sure that the software environment on the machine is always risk-free, as they will update the OS on a weekly basis. They will also take care of your content and will keep a backup on an independent hosting server and if anything fails, your files and databases will be restored without difficulty. With the supervising and rebooting service, our administrator team will keep an eye on the machine constantly and will react quickly if any issue appears. Additionally, they are able to also carry out any custom tasks on the machine that you might need, for so long as you might require them. Depending on the time you are able to spend on the dedicated server and on your experience, you can get these services one by one, or you can get them simultaneously as part of one single plan.